Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet Review & Recipe Round Up

Do you own a cast iron skillet? I've never owned one before and had the chance to review one by Stargazer Cast Iron. It was started by three friends in 2015 after one friend became obsessed with looking for the right skillet. Hobby cook and professional designer Peter Huntley started collecting vintage cookware and used his finds for inspiration.

So like I said, I have never owned a cast iron skillet before and was so excited to review this cast iron skillet by Stargazer. I've not used this for heavy duty recipes, but have just used it for stove top egg recipes and cooking up bacon. What I really liked was how light weight this was! One thing that has always annoyed me about a lot of cookware was how much of a hassle it was to move it around. The handle which is considered a cool handle also with stood heat which made it easy to handle while cooking! After cooking bacon, when I've drained the bacon drippings from it, I don't run across a lot of run off. Which is fantastic because this annoys me immensely with a lot of other cookware.

With all of this in mind, I have for you a round up of recipes that you will definitely want to create with your cast iron skillet! Make sure you check out the Stargazer Cast Iron skillet website. You can purchase a seasoned cast iron skillet for $88.00, so purchase today.

Cast Iron Skiller Recipe Round Up

Easy Steak Fajitas

Mashup Mom has an excellent steak fajitas recipe that uses your cast iron skillet. It's made of flavorful healthy ingredients that is also friendly to your budget. My mouth waters just looking at the photographs!

Summer Squash and Tomato Frittata

I'm kind of really into the healthy and tasty looking recipes that Mashup Mom creates. This uses summer squash, zucchini and tomatoes and it's sure to be a warm way to welcome the fall season.

Low Carb Portobello Skillet Lasagna

I've never been sure about how to use mushrooms in recipes but this serves up an excellent lasagna recipe made up beef, sausage, red pepper, ricotta, and portobello mushroom cups. I know what I'm going to make for dinner soon.

Copycat Chili's Cookie skillet

One thing I'm excited to do with this skillet, especially around the holiday season is to make desserts with it. This is a fantastic cookie recipe by Frugal Coupon Living that uses your cast iron skillet and is surprisingly easy and simple to make. You can top it with ice cream to round out the amazingness of it. Check it out!

Peaches & Cream Cobbler

I'm really into the idea of using peaches in a dessert recipe. This is a really easy cobbler recipe that uses butter, peaches, cream cheese, and powdered sugar in its ingredients list. And it looks so good!

Chocolate Peanut Butter skillet Cake

Something about chocolate and peanut butter in any recipe name makes my tastebuds jump for joy. Best of all, this is incredibly easy to make! It uses peanut butter, chocolate, and other simple ingredients to make up a really tasty dessert. You must try this!

Arugula and Sausage Pasta Skillet

One thing that I love about this recipe by Upstater Ramblings is it looks so tasty but also healthy. It uses olive oil, sausage, cherry tomatoes, arugula and pasta. Make this up in your skillet and your hungry mouths at home will be wanting more.

One Skillet Chicken Asparagus

It's rare when I think asparagus looks tasty but Saving Dollars and Sense offers up a great looking recipe that saves you money AND makes your mouth water. Check out this chicken recpe that you will definitely want again.

Cast Iron Skillet Cookie Recipe

This is an excellent dessert recipe and I love the recommendation to use this for camping. It uses a variety of pudding mixes as well as butterfinger and heath toffee bits. I know you will want to try this!

Apple Cranberry Stuffed Turkey Breast

Before we know it, we will all be planning recipes for the holiday season. This is something I think you should add to your list. This turkey breast recipe by Hello Creative Family blog is an excellent one for your cast iron skillet uses apples, cranberries, turkey breasts, pumpkin pie spice and stuffing. This makes me want Thanksgiving to be here!

Iron Sillet Apple Pie

The fall season is an great time for apples and why not make apple pie with your cast iron skillet? I think that is an excellent idea and the Jenny Revolution blog has a fantastic one for you. And it's ingredient list is surprisingly short, which always appeals to me. Check it out!

Balsamic Glazed Chicken Thighs

I really like when I can find new ways to make chicken. Mommy Musings has a tasty looking chicken recipe that uses a balsamic glaze. YOu will definitely want this for dinner.

Cast Iron skillet Pear Tart

I love the ideas of baking with pears! This pear tart looks so good and uses pears, nutmeg and cinnamon in it's ingredients. I think it's gauranteed to be a hit.

Veggie Frittata

I love the ingredients in this recipe crated by Robyn's World blog. This has so many good ingredients including garlic, onion, chard, zucchini, and hashbrowns! Check out the recipe to see how good this looks.

Sausage and Gnocchi

This is another really tasty looking recipe and it looks easy to make too. It uses chicken sausage, gnocchi, basil, tomatoes and paramsean cheese. This looks like it would be a hit for dinner!

Cast Iron Skillet Cookie

Ah I love cast iron skillet cookies! This one is so easy to make too! Must Have Mom creates a skillet recipe with easy ingredients and a must have to create with your cast iron skillet.

Pumpkin Pancakes

This really makes me excited for the fall season! You'll be really into these pumpkin pancakes and they're sure to be a hit for breakfast. Check out this recipe by Eating on a Dime!

Honey Lime Glazed Salmon

Salmon! You guys I needed a salmon recipe and I had no idea how to make it with cast iron skillet. Be sure to serve this to your family at dinner time and you will be glad you did.

Remember, check out stargazer Cast Iron to purchase your 10.5 inch cast iron skillet. I think you will love it! Purchase today.

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I received the above item in exchange for my honest review.

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