If You Are Into Wine, This Web Series is For You

While I am not what you call a wine aficionado, I do enjoy a glass of wine at night. I really enjoy looking at the bottles in the store and am a huge fan of the movie Sideways. So, that's where I'm at with my wine expert-ness. And if you are like me and have just a mild curiosity about wine or maybe you are way off the charts and know wine backwards and forwards, I think you should you check out the new web series by Bellangelo.

What makes this wine web series unique is that it's described as being a journal of the wine making process. From growing the grapes to what gets put onto the store shelves, this wine series is meant to show it all.  It's also designed to entice those of us who wish we could quit the usual 9-to-5 grind and pursue something that's a bit out of the norm. And the story of Bellangelo winery is just about that. The Missick family started out in successful construction and law careers but gave that up to pursue their dreams in making wine.

So with that in mind, onto the web series. Their first video has been posted and it's about a minute and a half long. It's called their "Finger Lakes Harvest Wine Journal." It starts out showing the most important part of the wine making process - the grape vines. It takes a close look at a row of vines and some workers surrounding them and then takes us to a bird's eye view of the grape vines as if we were flying overhead. And the cool thing is that it really takes you into the process of wine making that you just don't get to see. At least, I haven't!

Make sure you check out the first video -

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