Going Out the Door in Two Different Shoes (And How Flat Out of Heels Saved the Day)

I love flats. In fact, at this moment I think I have about two in my bag I carry to work in addition to my purse. Why you ask? Well, a brief story before I launch into the review of this new great pair of flats I found.

The other day I woke up and felt so unbelievably tired. I was in a fog while I was getting ready to go out the door. And on my way to my bus stop, I looked down at my feet and I realized I had put on two different pairs of flats. Luckily, both were similar in color so it wasn't too incredibly obvious. Unfortunately, it wasn't the look I was going for. But you know what? I had these flats I'm about to tell you about with me and when I got on the bus I changed into these. No one was the wiser. Which is why I love the idea of taking a pair of flats with me that I can discretely roll into my purse. 

Flat Out of Heels has created such a product! Check out these flats I got -

Aren't they adorable? They come with a red sole that is pretty durable in my book and it has a non-slip quality that makes it less likely I'll fall wearing these. Plus they are as advertised - flat. Flat. FLAT. I'm so happy!

They run a bit small and I was glad to have a large size rather than a medium (I wear a 9). I've worn them a few days and just love that I can comfortably wear these to work and still look nice. So many times these roll up flats I've bought in the past just have a pajama-slipper look and feel. These are not the case! 

They are inexpensive too and I think this would make a nice gift for someone (I won't say Christmas gift; this is far too early to talk about that!).  The cost is $29.99 which is a pretty sweet deal. Another cool thing is they come in a variety of styles too such as floral, zebra print, leopard print, and a variety of colors. They even have one with laces! I've got my eye on that one.

Purchase a pair of these yourself by visiting their online store. Be sure to also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I received the above mentioned items in exchange for my honest review.

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