Ring Bearer Dog Loses Rings Right Before Ceremony

Have you ever been to a wedding where the dog was part of the ceremony? I haven't yet but I have heard of it. I feel like there's always tremendous room for disaster, but for those who have pets, it's a way to include your furry family member into a special day. For Jeff Brines, his sister's wedding included his dog Tucker, who was the ring bearer. It all was going according to plan until Tucker ran off while no one was looking.

While Brines was taking photographs and handling the sound system, unleashed Tucker made a break for it. Luckily he did return in time for the ceremony, but sadly the rings were gone from Tucker's collar.

Brines told local news KUSA that he was pretty upset when that happened. In fact, after the ceremony, he took his shoes off and waded into the water to search for the rings. He said, "You realize you're in a giant park. You're not inside. You have no idea where your dog just was, you can't ask him, he can't talk to you and you're looking for a needle in a haystack."

But this didn't ruin the big day. In fact, Brines said that the couple laughed the moment off. Some people at the wedding donated rings for the ceremony. If you take a look at their wedding video, you can see that this didn't stop the couple from having a beautiful ceremony and a good time.

I guess the take away advice here is - make sure you hold onto the rings until it's time for your pup to walk them down the aisle for you.

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