Hey 90s Kids, Boys II Men is Coming Out with a New Album

Growing up, I vividly remember enjoying Boys II Men. Not only were these guys really handsome but also they were really talented. I loved that song "On Bended Knee" and "I'll Make Love to You." Ah, they were so great!

Recently, I couldn't help but notice I've been seeing them in these commercials for Geico. Check it out -

Hehe. Don't you love that? "So gassy, girl."

Well you guys this is exciting because Boys II Men are coming out with a NEW album. I'm really excited about this album because it includes some classic doo-wop songs like "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" and "I Only Have Eyes for You." They will also have guest vocalists such as Brian McKnight (remember him??), Amber Riley, and ten time Grammy winners, Take Six.

If you are as excited about this as I am, you must go now to pre-order the album. You can do that here.  Or visit my Amazon affiliate link, if you could. Purchase now.

Are you, or were you, a fan of Boys II Men? Will you be purchasing their album?

Included in this post are affiliate links for which I will receive small compensation if you purchase through my link.

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