98 Degrees to Release New Christmas Album and Go on Tour

Anyone a fan of 98 Degrees? If you are, you will be extremely excited to learn that the yare about to release a new Christmas album. Entitled, "Let It Snow," 98 Degrees four person harmony including Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, will be available for purchase by October 13, 2017. 

What was old is new again, right? It's been 18 years since their last Christmas album, "This Christmas" and their first album in four years. 

Drew Lachey said this was an easy decision to make. "As a group, our favorite record, hands down is [This Christmas]." Even better? Guys love it too. Drew continues to say, "We have primarily a female audience, but we'll have guys come up to us and say, 'You know what? I love the Christmas album, my mom bought it for me.' It's bro code that the Christmas album's allowed."

The album will include 12 songs such as, "Let it Snow," "Little Saint Nick," and "Run Rudolph Run." Each song was personally selected by a member of the band. So you have the nice boy band personalized touch! 

Is anyone else getting excited? Well here's one reason more. They are also going on a concert tour! It's a 31 city tour starting on November 10th and concluding on December 23rd. Presale tickets start selling on August 15th and are on sale everywhere Friday, August 18th. 

Be sure to visit their website to find out where there is a tour near you and to keep an eye out for when you can purchase an album. Also, like their page for Facebook updates. 

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