Checkerbox USA - Men's Socks - The Must Buy for the Guy in Your Life

Men's socks? Really? I mean, I know what you're thinking. How fancy could they could? The white ones come in packs of six. You get the nice black ones in a three pack sometimes. Psh, that's it. Well, that perception of socks is wrong. That's the perception that I know that I had at one point. Until I met CheckerBox Men's Apparel.

Check out these socks I got for my brother -

Aren't they colorful? I know he really liked the color and the nice texture of these socks. They felt good to wear, I just know it.

So CheckerBox USA was founded by 17 year old Randy Gervais as an effort to bring about self expression within everyday society. Guys can be who they want to be with these socks. It's self expression! And if you can do it with fashionable accessories, I say go for it. Read more about the company by visiting this link. 

And it may still be summer and you are probably in the whole sandal and barefoot season but as the fall season looms closer, these are the socks you should buy for the guy in your life. Or, if you are guy reading my blog, you should buy these.

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The cool thing is these socks and their other accessories are really affordable. They come at $20.00 a pack. And I know they may not come in a pack of six but this is fashion, you guys! And if this kind fashion makes you stand a little straighter and walk with a bit more pep in your step, you have to go for it. If the colorful socks that Checkerbox has to offer calls to you, than I understand. Sure it may not be the pair of socks you wear to the gym, but hey why not? Lounge around the house and just feel fine, I say.

Now if they can only make stuff for women too!

Go online and buy yourself a pair of fancy socks today. Shop now.

Or at least loom with envy by visiting their Instagram site and just watching all those great sock wearing men. Follow now.

I received the above socks in exchange for my honest review.

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