The Elephant Pants - Save the Elephants & Feel Comfortable [My Review]

Do you watch the show, "Shark Tank"? I haven't caught but maybe a few episode here and there, but I loved watching the episode featuring the two guys who created "The Elephant Pants." Make sure you check it out first -

Basically, The Elephant Pants were created by two guys with a common goal - save the elephants through clothes. They started in 2014, and have sold more than 400,000 pairs of pants. They have donated more than $127,000 to organizations that work to save elephants. Isn't this amazing?? Check out their story here.  And be sure to find out how exactly they help by visiting this page too .

So, I was lucky enough to get a pair of elephant pants for my mom and I! Here's a photo of me relaxing in my elephant pants -

Well, part of a photo of me anyways. So, my initial thought was - oh how I wish that elastic band wasn't there. I almost wish it was a tie or something. If I'm relaxing, I don't like the idea of something that close to my waste. My mom thought the same thing too. But overall? I'm kind of really liking these. The fabric is thin, so this makes for an excellent pair of pants to wear in the summer. Size wise, I chose a large because I really wanted these pants to be comfortable. I can tell you these were not overly large to me. I'm also 5'9 and the length of the pants ended comfortably at the top of my foot.

Overall, I think you should consider buying yourself these pants. It's part of a good cause, perfect for the summer, and I think you'll like them. They also offer up some other really cool clothes! I've got my eye on their kimonos for sure!

Be sure to check out The Elephant Pants website and purchase some pants for yourself (or for your family!) . Also follow them on Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and Twitter.

I received the above pair of pants mentioned in my post in exchange for my honest review.

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