My Gluten-Free Journey and Finding Really Good Bread [Gluten Free Coupon Inside!]

Having bread when you are eating gluten-free is a tough battle. I was lucky enough to get a variety of bread to review from Gluten Free Things and I can't wait to share my experience with you. More on that later though! 

I started going gluten-free a few years ago. I initially did it to support my mom who had realized she had a wheat and gluten allergy. Then when I avoided gluten with her, I realized some issues I had been battling went away. And voila! My gluten-free journey began.

The tough part about being gluten-free is that you want to try and find foods that agree with your system. It can be hard too. Things I never thought had gluten - do. Like some dressings, some spice blends, even some mustards! So shopping has become a careful experience. I read ingredients labels so closely now and google search my heart out when I am suspicious of a product having wheat or gluten.

The funny thing is though, I really miss bread. Like bread, bagels, rolls. In fact, I vividly remember being out at lunch time one day and I saw this woman outside a bakery hold up this really huge french bread roll. I can't even tell you the nostalgia I felt about seeing that.

Oddly, over time, it's gotten a lot easier to avoid things with gluten. Although I have learned recently that I am getting more sensitive to things that I once thought that I could eat! Like a certain brand of mac & cheese I can't eat anymore because I react to it! Bummer, you guys!

So while this blog isn't exclusively about food, and neither is this only a blog about my gluten-free journey, but I thought I'd put it out there. 

And you know what? There is good gluten-free bread out there. Recently I had the chance to try a variety of items from the site, They sent me a multitude of bread goodness to try. In fact, I haven't gotten through it all yet! But they have so much to offer for bread. I've tried their everything bagel, their cinnamon raisin bagel, and I also received English Muffins, pizza crust, and hoagie loafs. Bread goodness!

So far I've tried the bagels because I'm kind of on a bagel kick lately. And I can tell already the GlutenFreeThings products are what I'm looking for. The bagels were soft and toasted really well in the toaster.

Isn't this good stuff? I haven't had the chance to try out the pizza crust, but I'm really excited about my experience so far. I think this is an excellent site for bread. Best of all, I didn't even get a reaction from the bread at all. I feel like it's a place you can trust.  AND no holes in the bread (and for anyone who struggles to find the right gluten-free bread, this is an amazing thing. It's one thing to have a hole in the middle of a bagel but I know I hate seeing holes where there shouldn't be in gluten-free bread). 

So if you are gluten intolerant or you have Celiac, you must shop with Plus the prices there, really good. For most of the items I tried, it looks like the prices were roughly $5.99. That's the best prices I've seen in a long time! The downside is that shipping is a tad expensive. It uses FedEx Ground. But if you happen to be in one of their neighboring states, the shipping isn't as much! So that's a huge perk! They are located in Colorado and they have a dedicated gluten-free facility! That's an enormous perk to me.

I am also happy to announce to my readers that if you want to purchase bread from you can use the coupon code FANCYTHAT20 for 20% off your order.

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

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