5 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Can you believe it's almost May? That means that Mother's Day is just around the corner! So if you are trying to think of some gift ideas, I think you need to consider something a bit out of the box. I've had the chance to try out a couple of Thoughtfully gift boxes and they make for great gifts. It's a bit like combining a physical gift with an experience gift. You don't just open the box and enjoy what you received - you experience it. Plus you can select a gift based on the personality of your mom as well! It's not a one sized fits all company.

1) Mom's Survival Kit

Photo via Thoughtfully
This is an adorable gift, especially for the mom with younger children. It includes a coffee thermos, a babysitter notepad, earbuds, real coffee, and some more goodies! Probably not the most personal gift if you are giving this to your mom but if you have a friend who is a new mom I think this is a great gift to give. Especially if you offer your babysitting services so she can have a night out or even some time to herself.

Price $59.99. Purchase now.

2) Breakfast in Bed

Photo via Thoughtfully
Breakfast in bed is an excellent way to treat your mom! I discovered this gift on Thoughtfully and although the better version of this gift is to be there to make breakfast for your mom or take her out to breakfast, this is an excellent gift if you happen to be far away. It includes pancake mix, coffee, syrup, and some other goodies.

Price is $99.99. Purchase now.

3) Pour Over Coffee Gift Set

Photo via Thoughtfully 

Does your mom love coffee? I think this is a really good gift for a mom who loves coffee. It includes a mug, pour over coffee blog, (and the most fun part I think) a magnetic mug with alphabet tiles too. I'd say make sure to include some extra coffee with this gift too.

Price is $39.99. Purchase now.

4) Cheers to Art

Photo via Thoughtfully

Oh this is an excellent gift set for the mom who loves art! Included with two stemless wine glasses, also includes a paint by numbers canvas board, paint brushes with a wooden display, and some paint.

5) Party Props & Pops

I had the opportunity to review one of these fun boxes! And the one I reviewed is the Party Props and Pops. It includes stemless champagne glasses, photo props, fancy coasters, and sugar stirrers. I would say if you are giving this as a gift to your mom, include some champagne too! The photo props can get people laughing really easily and I think that's a fun way of turning this gift box into something really special. 

Probably the only thing that gives me some pause about gifts like this Thoughtfully Gift Box is that I fear it's more impersonal. But in reality, when you buy something like this, if you can add in your own spin to it like buying extra champagne or coffee - this makes for an excellent branching off point for gifts. 

I think one thing that I love about these gift boxes is that...they aren't filled with junky things. I mean these champagne glasses were really nice! And the party poppers and the photo props were good quality and good sized as well. Sometimes with these gift boxes, you get them and it looks like it was meant for a doll house or something, but with Thoughtfully that's not the case.

Price for this gift box is $49.99. Purchase now.

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I received the Party Props and Pops gift box in exchange for my honest review.

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