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It won't be long before you need to start thinking about gifts (oops, did I say that too soon?). Well if you aren't the type to think this early about gifts, if you are looking for some perfume at incredible prices, I think you should check out the Fragrance Outlet.

They offer some amazing deals and really fantastic brands at great prices.

I was lucky enough to try out this new perfume called My Pure Eau De Parfum. I loved it! It's such a clean, pretty smell to me. It goes well with my day to day routine too. It's got a quiet sort of floral scent but then more of a mild fruit smell. According to Fragrance Outlet it's "top notes" are plum and iris. Interesting!

It runs at about $85 (down from $93.50) and I think that's a pretty good price for good perfume, at least to me. But here's the amazing thing. With Fragrance outlet, they have so many deals going on right now, I was able to drop this down to $42.50! Isn't that incredible?? And one of the cool things is when you get perfume from them you get a few samples too AND you even get "Fragrance Outlet" dollars! I really like that! One major plus is that if you like a particular perfume but it isn't at the price range you want, you can "follow the price" and I think that's awesome. You can get emails or text alerts once the price is updated!

Overall, if you are looking for perfume at a good price and good quality, search here first. I think you are bound to find something that you like.

Make sure you check out if there is a Fragrance Outlet near you or purchase online.

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