Beanfield Snacks - Bean Chips That are Flavor Packed

I spotted someone with this chip bag most recently and so I jumped at the opportunity to review these chips. Beanfields Snacks was founded in 2011 by Reed Glidden and his wife Liza Braude-Glidden as well as Reed's brother Roy Glidden. And they wanted to change the way we all ate (what better way to start than how we snack right??) So they created delicious plant based Non-GMO (so important to me!) snacks.  

They are an environment conscious company and they also include a main ingredients that is better for your health than the usual ingredients that you see in chips - beans! There is so much good stuff at this company so make sure you visit their site and see what they offer the community and the good works that they do.

Now to the chips! I had the chance to try out a wide variety. I immediately tasted the difference in these chips than others I've tried. The beans in them gave them such a heartier flavor. They didn't taste empty to me and at the same time, they were so incredibly flavorful. Plus they have flavors like black bean with sea salt, white bean with sea salt, and sea salt if you want to indulge in your favorite dipping sauce.

But I had a variety of chips to try out - Jalapeno Nacho, Nacho, Barbecue, Ranch, Pico De Gallo. and then Black Bean with Sea Salt, White Bean with Sea Salt, and Sea Salt. My absolute favorites were the Nacho and the Barbecue Flavor. SO incredible!! These are my new favorites. The Pico de Gallo and the Jalapeno Nacho was very spice chips, I enjoyed these as well. Surprisingly enough the Ranch wasn't one of my favorites. I really appreciated the clean but salty flavor of the Black Bean with sea Salt, Sea Salt, and White Bean with Sea Salt. They made great additions to lunches and for dipping!

I think there is so much flavor and crunch with these chips. They aren't light, which I really enjoyed, so they were hearty enough to go with dinners to me (like beans and rice! Or hot dog night! oh you name it!). And I like chips that are hearty enough for hearty dips, these definitely were. I imagine these would be amazing for all those nacho recipe out there too.

Overall, I think these were amazing and next time you are in the grocery store, you should go for buying a bag of these. I highly recommend this brand.  The awesome thing is I get to giveaway some chips to one lucky reader! One winner will receive a 6 pack of chips. Enter via Rafflecopter below. US Only. Ends 10/16.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

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