Draebel - Excellent #Beard and Facial Hair Care Products! [Review]

Know a guy (or are YOU a guy) with facial hair that he cares a lot about? Well I think I found the perfect product for him (or you; if you happen to be the one with facial hair to care for...) 

It's the newest item I've seen so far called Draebel. Jesse Ives launched Draebel, Inc via Kickstarter to bring beard care and bath and body care for men. When you check out their website , the first thing that comes across is the personality of the company  - an uncompromising way of sticking to quality and what they know works best. I think that's pretty cool! 

My brother had the chance to try out a few of their samples and his first reaction to the product was that it smelled really good and the scent lasted a while too. This is great because Draebel does say that their fragrance blends are meant to last for hours and evolve throughout the day to give you a unique scent.  

My brother especially enjoyed the scent of the Catch Hell Beard Oil. He also sampled the K.O. Beard Balm, which he thought applied great and smoothed out his facial hair nicely throughout the day. Also the scent of this was good too, he said! 
Overall, the Draebel beard care items my brother sampled were a big hit! He highly recommends giving this a try. Their beard balm is priced at $25 right now and I would check out everything they have to offer. Their beard oil is about $20. The mustache wax (we got a sample for it but my brother doesn't have a mustache so we couldn't give feedback for that item!) but make sure you check out their website if you do have one that needs taken care of. 

Make sure you also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

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