Renuzit Sensitive Scents - Make Your Home Smell Fresh! [My Review]

I love when I get the chance to try something out that makes my home smell nice! Whether it's essential oils, candles, or other scented items, I really enjoy them all! Lately I had the chance to try out a variety of items by Renuzit! I tried out three items pictured below and wanted to tell you about each of them -

Pure Ocean Breeze Scented Oil Plug In (Find out more details here)

This is by far my favorite to use. I plugged it into my bathroom and it gave it such a refreshing scent and it kind of spilled out (scent-wise) into the hallway. It was a light scent, but not so light you couldn't smell anything. I'm not overly sensitive to scents so I was glad that I could actually smell this one. It slightly vanilla scented smelling to me and it worked perfectly for me. It lasted a couple of weeks before the scent started to fade a bit and I can't wait to buy more to refresh the experience.

Pure Pear & Lavender Sensitive Scents Spray (Read more details here)

I loved this too! I sprayed this on the carpet area and furniture and it gave it such a gentle scent of fruit and slight lavender. When I came home one night it just smelled clean, and lovely and not overdone or too "chemical" smelling at all. I think this is a nice touch to add in the spring after you've done some house cleaning (or, ahem, if you haven't cleaned up and you want people to think you have!).

Water Blossom & Cucumber Cone (Read more details here)

I wasn't too impressed with this because I couldn't smell a thing! I feel like maybe if you have a strong sensitivity to these kinds of room deodorizers this one is for you. Or maybe I didn't use it right but when I got this undone and I left it in the bathroom, I swear I didn't smell a thing.

Of the Renuzit scents, I would say the Renuzit Sensitive Scent plug in and room spray were by far the best. And I can't wait for you to try some out too! Enter to win three products coupons for free Renuzit scents. Ends March 25th. US Only.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

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