Food for Good Thought Pizza Crust Mix - Make Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza Dough [Coupon Inside!] [My Review]

I had the chance to try out a pizza dough mix by Food for Good Thought (and sold by this great company bTizzy, which sells product made by people with disabilities). And I was intrigued by doing this, because I'm usually going out to buy pre-made crusts that are frozen so I was really eager to try something that had more of a homemade flavor to it.

I went out and purchased the few ingredients needed (not many at all - cider vinegar, olive oil (which I always have on hand), dry active yeast (found some that was gluten-free) and of course, water. 

When I started making the pizza crust, I made a tiny error in the first batch - I didn't follow the water amount directions! I added a cup of water, the directions called for 1 and 1/3. But it turns out, my accident, made the crust a consistency that I could more easily work with. The second time around I though the dough was a bit too liquidy and sticky.

But here's a premiere of how things went on that first batch -

You wait for a few minutes (about ten) and soon the pizza is ready to roll out for a dough. I didn't have a pizza pan to make this so I did what I could with a cookie sheet. I was pretty proud of myself for how this turned out. Check it out!

Then I put the crust in the oven for about ten minutes. Um, I ended up overcooking it JUST a tad (my fault, it became more like fifteen minutes instead ten) but overall, check it out -

And here's the near end result -

Check it out! It totally looks like a pizza! What I liked about this is that it wasn't a messy involved process and it was fairly easy to make. I did it on a Saturday night when I knew I would have the time and energy.

Plus, I think the dough turned out to taste great. I loved the rosemary flavor and the nutty quality that the garbanzo beans gave the dough (it's made with garbanzo bean flour!). I think this was one of the more better tasting pizza crusts I have had in a while. In terms of the process of making it, I think I need more practice. Ha! But I am interested to try again (maybe with a pizza pan and different pizza sauce!) and see how things turn out.

Again I would recommend not adding as much water as mentioned in the directions (maybe a bit more than a cup of water but not so much a cup and a 1/3). My second pizza I didn't photograph because it was a little...odd looking.  But I can't wait to try this again and I highly recommend purchasing it today at bTizzy by visiting this link. Best of all, you can use my discount code for 15% off - UFANCY15

Special thank you to bTizzy for letting me try out this pizza dough. I received the above product in exchange for my honest review.

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