Gift Ideas: Hallmark's 1000 Piece Puzzle That Distracted Me From My Arm Fracture! [My Review]

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed puzzles. But back in January, as I was walking to my bus stop, I slipped on a patch of black ice and ended up fracturing my left arm. That hurt SO badly. The days following I ended up getting a package from Hallmark featuring this adorable and colorful 1,000 piece puzzle. I was pretty excited about this but thinking to myself, "How much can I enjoy a puzzle with my arm fractured?"

Well once the pain subsided and I felt better, I started piecing together the puzzle. I put the snow section together, than the hot air balloon, then the edges, and then over the last several weeks things just started coming together. On my own, this took about five weeks which only took me long because I would usually sit for about a half hour at a time.

I now can say I have a renewed love of puzzles! Not only was this a lot of fun it complete distracted me from my arm fracture! How fun is that? If possible, in the near future, if you are putting together a "get well" package for someone, I'd give them a puzzle. It was a fabulous distraction and considering I couldn't use my left arm for a while, it was something FUN I could do with only my right arm.

Best of all, this puzzle runs at a reasonable price of about $20. And you can purchase it AND others on Hallmark's website (or in their stores!). 

I am also excited to say that I get to giveaway this same puzzle to one lucky reader! Giveaway ends on 3/13. Us Only.

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I received the above puzzle in exchange for my honest review.

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