Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning with @Dyson Ball Vacuum [Review]

Are you thinking about spring cleaning yet?

Alright so we're still in the heavy duty winter, so you may not be thinking of it yet. But just in case you are, and you're staring at your sorry excuse for a vacuum cleaner jammed in a closet, wondering if that will truly get you through to another year, well I have a great new vacuum for you!

It's the Dyson Ball Animal. It's my favorite new thing! This upright vacuum takes care of dirt and even microscopic dust. The ball allows the machine to turn on a dime - MY FAVORITE FEATURE - which means it can handle corners and turns. It includes a variety of tools perfect for handling hair and hard to reach cleaning. It also takes care of 99% of pollen, mold, and bacteria that it keeps trapped in its bin.

My impression of the Dyson Ball Vacuum?

Loving it so far!

When I first received it, it was a bit hard to put together. On a scale of 1 to 10, though, I'd give it about a 5. It's even easier if you read instructions first! Ha ha.One thing that threw me is on my old vacuums, I'm so used to having a lever I press down once the vacuum starts so I can pull back the handle and get to pushing the vacuum around. This didn't have that feature, so at first I wasn't sure what to do once the vacuum went on. After my second try, I was able to pull back the handle easily without needing a lever and use the vacuum as normal.

One of my favorite features was the ball and how smooth maneuvering this vacuum is! Taking turns and corners were easy. I'm so used to the clumsy quality of most vacuums that this was such a lovely surprise! Also I could see how much dirt this picked up. After vacuuming one small room, I got so much dirt. Take a look -

Okay it's a little embarrassing how much that picked up. But it had been a while because my last vacuum broke. So this one is such a winner! I can't wait to see how this lasts me over the years.

Overall this is highly recommended. The price may be higher than what you may usually spend but I think it's worth it. Purchase now on Best Buy for $499.99.

I received the above item s in exchange for my honest review.

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