Ursa Major - Cleansing, Smooth Beauty Product [Review]

This company Ursa Major was new to me when I found the opportunity to review their products. I am a little wary of putting unfamiliar skincare items on my skin, so I was a little nervous to try this. But I do love when a company describes themselves as being a "natural alternative to the bland, toxin-laden products that pervade today's marketplace." (Read more on their website)

Take a look at the items I reviewed -

So, one Saturday afternoon, my skin felt SO irritated and grimy and oily and my skin wasn't feeling so great. And so I decided to give this facial wash a try. I'm not usually the kind to go for these, but given the fact that I had this in the bathroom, why not? So, I tried it and you know my skin immediately felt so smooth and clean. I've used it a couple more times since then and it's so nice on my skin. I'm not sure I would use it every day, but it's a wonderful thing to soothe your skin. I highly recommend this.

I also tried out a few of their facial wipes and I loved these as well, especially at the end of a long day when washing my face just won't happen. These worked great and they didn't have a strong scent to me, which was nice, because I usually like a clean smell with facial wipes like this.

So I had a brief overview of Ursa Major products and so far I think they are a great beauty brand to try out and consider adding to your beauty regimen. Use my personal coupon code exclusive to blog readers - Fancy That - for a week only after this review is posted!

Thank you to Ursa Major for giving me the chance to try the above products.

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