The Good Bean - Snacking at It's Best [Review + Giveaway]

I had the chance to review a variety of products from a company called The Good Bean.

I tried Jalapeno Cheddar Chips, Sweet Chili Chips, Sea Salt Chips as well as a variety of chickpeas including Smoky Chili & Lime, Thai Coconut Lemongrass, Sea Salt, and Sweet Cinnamon.

I will admit that I do love having something to snack during the day. I know chips probably aren't the BEST option to choose from when snacking, but sometimes, you know, you just got to have it. What I like about these chips and it's something I really could see happening with the Good Bean chips, is that they would be great for nachos. Because they are sort of strong chips, not the kind to wilt under the pressure of hot cheese. I haven't tried yet actually but based on the crunching and munching action that DID happen with these chips I can tell you they make great dipping chips.

Of all the chip flavors I tried, the Jalapeno Cheddar and the Sweet Chili Chips were my absolute favorite. They were SO flavorful and amazing. But The Good Bean also has some other flavors that I would love to try out like BBQ Bacon and Cheese Nacho. SO GOOD. I think what makes these chips unique is that they have good ingredients. Like the ingredients for the each of these includes a bean protein blend such as Chickpeas, Navy Beans, Red Lentils, and Red Lentils. They also have quinoa and I LOVe the fact that the Jalapeno cheddar chips includes ACTUAL vermont cheddar and jalapeno peppers in the ingredients list. Of course, check it out for yourself. 

Overall I'm really impressed. I mean if you are the type to love snacking you will want to give these a try. They are amazing.

Next on my review is the chickpeas! They were new to me and VERY CRUNCHY. Of the flavors I tried I liked the smoky chili and lime, and I think they tasted really good with soup. If you are gluten free and can't enjoy crackers in your soup, this is a phenomenal alternative. Overall these snacks weren't my favorite but they were unique tasting and I didn't feel guilty for having them. I vote that you should give them a try!

Visit The Good Bean website to check out the tasty snacks they have to offer. Visit this link to sign up for their newsletter. And shop now and get free shipping with orders over $25.00! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Best of all I get to giveaway one variety of each of the Good Bean Chips to one lucky reader! Simply enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends 11/14. Us Only.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

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