Get a Free Junior Explorers October Kit!

I will receive compensation if you purchase through my provided affiliate link included in this post.

Is it weird that I think I would enjoy this Junior Explorers kit? Well, here's a bit about Junior Explorers. It's a subscription program that teaches kids about wildlife and nature. Your child will receive a kit in the mail each month that takes them on a virtual journey to learn about a new ecosystem and the animals that live there. The kit includes some really fun things like wristbands, pins, figurines and activity books. I can tell you I would have LOVED this as a kid! Heck, like I said, I am fairly confident I would enjoy this.

So I have a really awesome deal to tell you about! Each new subscriber has the chance to get the October Junior Explorers kit for FREE, just pay for shipping and handling (which is $3.99). You plan will automatically renew but you can cancel at any time.  You have until October 31st to redeem this so take advantage now!

To redeem, click this link and then use the code FREEOCT at checkout.

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