Olfactif - Sample Your Perfume Before You Purchase

Have you ever waned to try perfume before you buy it? Well, there's a subscription box for that. I bring you Olfactif! It's a perfume sample subscription service I had the chance to try out a few weeks ago and I received a monthly box of Olfactif perfume samples. How it works is when you sign up for a subscription, each month you've subscribed you get three sample perfumes to try. They come in little viles and the website says each vile contains about 40 sprays (or a little less, if the full bottle is more expensive). Plus, you even get an $18 credit to put towards a full bottle of perfume featuring one of the scents you tried out. The monthly subscription is about $18.00 month (or you also pay less per month if you subscribe for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months). Find out more here.

What I immediately like about Olfactif perfume samples I tried was how obviously really quality perfumes these were.

The ones I tried were -

Fils de Dieu by Etat Libre d'Orange (full sized bottle costs $85)

Me Myself & I by Ego Factor (full sized bottle costs $100)

Romantina (full sized bottle costs $90)

You can find out more details about the perfumes I tried by visiting this link.

I really enjoyed all three of these. They were perfect summer perfumes, although a bit heavy for summer I thought. So, I would say these were great for late summer and this lasted me several weeks. Although I was bummed when I realized they were all gone!

I think this Olfactif subscription box is perfect if you want to try out perfumes that are a bit unique and not the usual brand you might see in a department store. The cost of the subscription box - $18.00 per month (and you do receive that back in store credit if you plan to buy a large bottle) is a pretty good price. This is especially nice if you are interested in buying perfumes and have the budget for it. I also think it's worth it, even if you don't buy full bottles but just want a few nice samples of perfume to try. I wouldn't spray these every day but for evenings out or for a day I just want to feel special these worked great.

To purchase your subscription, visit Olfactif's website and subscribe.You can also like them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I received the above subscription box in exchange for my honest review.

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