Custom Logo Cases - Put Your Name Where Everyone Can See It

If you own a business or work for an organization that wants to put their name out there, you may want to start with branded cases for tablets, smartphones, laptops, iPads, and more. Branding your business among employees is a great way to create unification and company pride as well as build awareness of your business.

But why cases? Well, they are everywhere. Electronics are all over the place and we are CONSTANTLY on them. If you have an employee taking out their laptop at a crowded coffee shop, wouldn't it be cool if that laptop showed your businesses name on it? Our smartphones that we can never put down? What if THAT smart phone had your business' name on it?

Well, if I have sold you on the idea so far, the reason I bring it up is that is a great place to start purchasing the branded cases for your employees or maybe even as freebies for trade show events. You can customize the case any way you would like for any type of electronic.

Taking a look at their website though, they may SAY "cases" but they offer up so many more things that you can put your name on. Really really cool things that I know could even make pretty awesome freebies at your next company function or trade show you attend. Things like speakers, Bluetooth keyboards, and headphones seem to only be the beginning with Also if you are set on getting cases for a variety of electronics, you can also choose from a variety of styles like flip cases, skins, rotating cases, etc.

Best of all, free shipping, free design, and competitive pricing. So is a great place to start getting your name out there.

I have been compensated to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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