The Weird Amazing Way I Use My Patio Umbrella This Summer

So it may not seem like a huge thing, but the patio umbrella I had the chance to review recently by iPatio has done amazing things for me and my family this past summer.  My apartment gets full direct sun in the afternoon (the hottest point in the day) which is a major problem because we don't have air conditioning. This entire experience of heat is made even worse by the fact that my mom and I both have a heat sensitivity.

When I first received the umbrella from iPatio Umbrella, I was a little worried about its size. When we put it together, it looked HUGE. We were worried it may not fit in our very small balcony area. It did fit a little bit, although it scrapped the top of the ceiling. It's about 7 feet high, although there is a top wooden nob that is what seemed to make it scrap the top.

But when we finagled with the umbrella, we realized it serves an amazing purpose for us this summer - it blocks out that afternoon sun. When we received the umbrella, it comes in two pieces, one is the large umbrella piece, the second is the piece that the umbrella is attached to (the pole). So we took the first half where it's mostly umbrella and opened it up wide.

Let me tell you this umbrella is much larger than you get the vibe of on the website (which is a major plus to me!). I was worried at first the umbrella may be on the smaller size, actually. But when we opened it up, leaned on a couple of deck chairs, so it wouldn't fall,  we were able to block out that sun.

Obviously this isn't an ideal way you may want to use an umbrella. The best is if you have a table to fix it to, but my goal here was to block the sun, and this does. I think it takes down the temperature of the apartment and especially the living room which is the worse. But I think that the umbrellas you can find with iPatio Umbrella are such great quality. This wooden umbrella is sleek and classic looking. The fabric of the umbrella is also removable which is awesome if you need to wash it by the end of the season. 

Also, the price is perfect if you are looking for something high quality.  And you can even select the color of the fabric as well as whether you want light or dark wood. Best of all, this umbrella runs at $209.00 right now. That is a good price if you want a high quality item. 

Although it's a bit large for my personal balcony, which is on the very small side, but I was able to make it work in my own weird personal way. I think it's a bit better if you have a larger outdoor space than I do. Overall though, if you are looking for a patio umbrella, your first site to look at should be Don't worry about shipping costs too because if you purchase from their site - shipping is FREE. 

If you are in search of some great patio umbrellas, I also am excited to offer you some great deals for your next umbrella purchase at

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For more information about this umbrella and others, visit (to check out this umbrella in particular, go to this link.)  Also be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, and Pinterest

 I received the above mentioned items in exchange for my honest review.

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