Food For Life - Healthy Gluten-Free Bread You Must Add to Your Shopping List

I always am on the hunt for gluten-free bread to add to my life. And I've noticed in my search that gluten-free breads are so different - some have more flavor, some are heartier, and some have a little bit of both in between. I recently tried gluten-free bread from a company called, "Food For Life." 

They reached out to me to try out their bread, and I couldn't wait! The company started out in 1964 and 50 years later, their mission hasn't changed - "to craft truly wholesome baked goods that specifically cater to helping health aware people who understand the needs of their bodies live life to the fullest."

So Food For Life offers a variety of gluten-free options including breads, english muffins, and tortillas. I tried out four different kinds:

Gluten Free Almond Bread

Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Gluten Free Original 3 Seed

Gluten Free Flax Bread 

After having tried all four breads, I can tell you these are hearty tasting breads. I think they taste good and they are also nice and filling! I think its an amazing way to start your morning. If you are like me and don't know what to grab in the morning and don't want it to be complicated (but want it to be healthy) these breads are an excellent start.

I do want to say though I preferred these breads with jam, or peanut butter, or cream cheese (okay not healthy but I LOVE that stuff), or even as a sandwich with tuna or cold cuts. I wasn't a huge fan of having the bread alone with just butter. I felt it needed a little something to go with it.

Of the four I tried, I really liked the almond bread the most. It's not something you see a whole lot and I really like almond flour. I think that's the best tasting kind of flour you'll see in gluten-free bread. Find out more about Food For Life gluten-free and wheat free breads and products by visiting their website. Also find out where you can purchase their bread in a store near you.

I received the above products in exchange for my honest review.

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