Happy Celiac Awareness Month! [& Giveaway!]

This is an important month for Celiacs. I've not been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but what has perked my interest is how celiacs cannot have gluten in their diets. Since going gluten-free, many times you hear a lot of information about being gluten-free alongside being diagnosed with Celiac.

I partnered up with Glutino this month to boast about their amazing options for celiacs (or those of you who have a gluten allergy or are gluten sensitive).

Before I get into my experience with Glutino, I have a few sites I can highly recommend to read more about Celiac disease -

1. CureCeliacDisease.org

They have a very interesting frequently asked questions area where you can find out more about Celiac disease, whether or not a gluten sensitivity exists, and so much more. Pus they have an awesome guide on learning how to live with Celiac Disease as well.

2. CeliacCentral.org

Here is also where you can find out more about Celiac disease, symptoms, and there's also information about events coming, giveaways. It's a fantastic way to get educated and find support if you have Celiac disease.

3. Celiac.org

Another way to get educated about Celiac disease. They also have an interesting section on getting involved and supporting the cause. They even have gluten-free recipes and a certified gluten free marketplace where you can shop gluten-free, worry-free.

I hope this helps you to get support and find education about Celiac Disease. It's often clumped in with us gluten-free-ks (hehe) and being diagnosed with Celiac Disease is a very serious thing. I also highly recommend visiting this blog I found recently called 'The Gluten Dude' because he posts really interesting stuff about his journey with Celiac disease, gluten-free foods, and he's also really funny too.

Now onto my experience with Glutino! Check out the lot of stuff I received:

Glutino has such amazing products to try and I couldn't believe what I had the chance to try and I each and every one of them.

I also tried out their baking mixes for the first time. These are so fun to me. Sometimes on Saturday I like to make one of these, especially since I like the vibe of having something homemade without the effort. Of all the mixes I tried, the chocolate cake mix (which actually was more like chocolate muffins because I split it up into muffin tins (or is it cupcakes?). This was unbelievable. It was so rich. I didn't bother making any separate icing, just had the mix, and it was still incredible.

My second favorite of the bunch were the gluten-free lemon wafers (which as you can see from above this was paired with raspberries and frozen yogurt). This is an awesome summer treat and a wonderful tasty goodie to have out in the sun!

Lastly, I really REALLY liked their English muffins. This is one of the first gluten-free English Muffins I have tried and I really enjoyed it. It's hearty and flavorful (I highly recommend the multi-grain).

Happy Celiac Awareness Month everyone! I hope you get the chance to read about Celiac Disease and get more awareness about what it is exactly. Make sure you also visit Glutino's website for gluten-free recipe ideas and get a coupon! They have so much to offer so make sure you visit their website to find out which gluten-free products they have!

In addition, I get to give away five free Glutino product coupons to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below. It ends on 6/4.

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I received the above products in exchange for my honest review.

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