Dove Fruit Chocolate - A Good Idea Anytime, Anywhere

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You know that food where you are fairly certain you could eat it until you are seriously not doing too well? I found this food in Dove Fruit Chocolate.

I'm not always a fan of chocolate covered fruit because some times it's just too dried fruit tasting or the pieces of fruit are too small for me to appreciate. But when I tried Dove Fruit Chocolate I knew I had something amazing on my hands. You would be proud of me though because I shared this with my mom and brother and we spread it out over the week.

This was just good stuff. I tried out three different kinds - Whole Cherries, Whole Blueberries, and Whole Cranberries. Each had a very unique flavor because of the fruit inside. My favorite was the Chocolate Covered Whole Cherries because you get great sized pieces of chocolate. I did enjoy the Chocolate Covered Whole Blueberries and Chocolate Covered Cranberries but not as much as the cherries. This is something I will look for again.

What I really like about these chocolates is that they were DARK chocolate covered. Dark Chocolate has been known to be really good for your heart and you can tell as you taste each piece of this chocolate that this isn't junky chocolate that you might hand out at Halloween. In fact, I'm fairly sure you may want to hide this away in your own stash. Better yet, as the seasons change and the outdoors starts to call you out, these chocolates would make a wonderful addition to a trail mix.

Find out more information about Dove Fruit by following this link. Get recipes and other tasty treat ideas by visiting this link. Follow them on Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTubeClick here to find out where to buy some Dove Fruit in a store near you.

I received these chocolates in exchange for my honest review.

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