- Save Money on Summer College Session

Are you in college and plan on going to summer school this year? I remember those days and having to tax on even MORE expenses to an already tight budget. Text books are always expensive and the campus bookstore doesn't help ease the burden.

Be rest assured, there IS a better alternative. Visit It's like your own personal campus bookstore with a heart. First, you get 40-90% off those sky-high bookstore prices. Nothing like purchasing a text book in the comfort of your own home while in your pajamas.

Plus there is FREE shipping both ways, whether you are getting the book or returning it. This is nicer than trying to resell the text book for change (don't you hate buying a $200 text book to sell it back for $25?) With Campus Book Rental, you are cutting the costs and energy spent on purchasing the text books in your college bookstore.

Love to highlight? Well, you can highlight the books you rent. I like that a lot, because you don't want to hold back on the learning process. And best of all, there are flexible renting periods.

And finally, with each text book rented, Campus Book Rental donates money to Operation Smile. It's an amazing program for children with facial deformities, cleft palates and lips all over the most struggling parts of the world. It's a good cause that makes you feel good you are contributing to a program like this.

I hope I've convinced to save money this summer! Remember, visit for more details.

I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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