Beardsmen Spirit - Excellent Facial Hair Care for Men [Review]

My brother had the chance to try out some facial hair care made by Beardsmen Spirit. He is beginning to really appreciate some of these beard care products! He always talks about how they improve the look of his facial hair and makes it easier to manage. So I was happy to ask him share his experience with everyone.

Beardsmen Spirit "Bold Forest" beard Oil

He automatically raved about this one. He thought it smelled wonderful. He said it absorbed nicely and left his facial hair looking shiny, full, and healthy. This came highly recommended especially because the size of the container. (He noticed most of the beard oil places don't send a large amount of oil; this container was a generous size).

Beardsmen Spirit Mustache Wax

He noticed right away that the mustache wax wasn't as easy to apply. He recommended putting this out in the direct sun (maybe by a window that gets sunlight) so the product softens a bit. When he was able to get enough of the product out to use on his facial hair, it worked out okay. He did say it smelled nice, but really preferred the beard oil.

Purchase the Beardsmen Spirit beard oil or beard wax on right now.  The price isn't too bad. For the beard oil, you can buy a four ounce bottle for $16.95. For the mustache wax, you can purchase a container for $15.95.

I received the above products in exchange for my honest review.

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