My Newest Tech Hope-to-Have: A Touch Screen Laptop @BestBuy

I seem to choose the short straw when it comes to computers. Either that or I'm really rough on technology. So it goes without saying that ever since my current laptop started dying out I've been looking around for the next one I plan on getting. It may not be any time soon for me, but I've already spotted a laptop that I am yearning for and keeping my eye on.  And this laptop is no short straw.

It's the HP Envy TouchSmart 15.6” touch screen laptop. Ever since I've owned a smart phone and, more recently, a tablet, I've been fighting the urge to poke my fingers at the computer screen to launch an app. When nothing happens I have to remind myself that the touch screen technology hasn't exactly reached my own computer already. But it will one day, I promise you that.

What I really like about this particular laptop is that appeals to my inner gamer. I don't have the time to lately mostly because my own laptop acts like a total dinosaur when it tries to launch a game. (Seriously, what fun is a game if it takes an hour to launch?) But the HP Envy Touchsmart screen has a processor meant to deliver the best gaming and entertainment experience with the AMD FX Special Edition APU. Smart-sounding talk aside, that basically means that game urge I get occasionally would finally be satisfied.

Also I'm a multi-tasker and I have a million things going at once usually. This laptop is perfect for that. This Quick AMD FX processor makes daily tasks such as watching videos or streaming movies a lot easier. My Hulu or Crackle obsession will no longer get frozen halfway through the movie.

 So while my birthday and Christmas are both way far away (my birthday is in December), I feel like it wouldn't hurt to start dropping hints now. Ahem, so if you would like to purchase this particular laptop for a loved one, you can get this at Best Buy with FREE shipping. You can also get FREE store pickup. The amazing-ness just doesn't stop does it? Just saunter over to this Best Buy link here and clicky-clicky.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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