Mantry - A Food Subscription Box We Can All Enjoy [Review]

Okay, Mantry-Shmantry. When I opened this up and spotted the amazingness that was in this box, I couldn't see why I, a lady, could enjoy this myself. Men and women unite, here is a subscription box we can ALL enjoy. 

I love the set up this box arrives in too. First it comes in a wooden crate that is chocked full of food and other goodies. When I unpacked everything, I didn't know what I wanted to try first.

Can you see those lime chili pistachios?? My family and I finished these off in one sitting. They had a spice to them and then the zing of the lime. They were phenomenal tasting. It was really spicy though. But I love spicy foods so this was right up my alley! Plus my mom and older brother loved these too!

Next was the chocolate. Oh boy this was good. We chased the pistachios with the chocolate and the flavors really REALLY complimented each other. The chocolate had a bit of a spice to it too and it tasted unbelievable. It had a milk chocolate-y taste to it also, so it wasn't overly super tasteless.

Next was the chicken rub! I actually had bought chicken for dinner the next night and used it. I slathered on some rub and olive oil on this chicken from the store. It tasted pretty good! Although I do regret the olive oil addition because I think that took away from the taste of the chicken rub.  When I tried it again about a week later, I was really pleased about the chicken rub overall. It smelled spicy and good and it enhanced the chicken.

I also tried the Aurelias Churizo, which is Spanish dried sausage. I cut it up into pepperoni kind of slices and added it to a spaghetti dinner. Whoa, you do NOT need a whole lot of these to add spice to your spaghetti. I added two whole sausages sliced up and it actually overwhelmed everything in the sauce, but the taste was really good so forgave it.  I am not usually a fan of this type of meat, but I really enjoyed it in the sauce. Very spicy and flavorful! If you aren't much of a meat eater I would recommend you use this for adding spice to sauces or anything that needs to simmer a while for flavor. This brings out so much flavor and spice to sauces!

I haven't had the chance to try out the Texan Grapefruit Shrub, but I do plan on trying it this weekend. It looks like it makes a really good cocktail. Also I haven't had the Vert Piquante sauce yet either.

Overall, the Mantry is an amazing subscription box that both men AND women can subscribe to and really enjoy. The amount of food you get in one box is incredible. This would make a fantastic gift for someone. This is unlike any other subscription box I've tried because you get full sized items, and it opened my eyes to products I may not have tried before.

The only downside is that it is a little pricey. It costs $75.00 per month. If you can afford it or you want to purchase a nice gift for the guy in your life, this is the subscription box to purchase. Visit to subscribe and to learn more about this subscription box. You can also like them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

I received this subscription box in exchange for my honest review.

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