Gift Idea: Jackpot Candle [My Review]

Jackpot Candle, Gift Idea
Getting the Jackpot Candle felt a little bit like getting a cereal box or crackerjack box that I know has a prize inside. I'm not supposed to tear open the box and just dig out the prize, but wait patiently until it reveals itself! I can't promise I was always that patient as a kid, but I did take my time with this candle and let the good smells fill the room before digging in the wax to reveal my prize!

With Jackpot Candle, you have the chance to chose your favorite scent along with the type of jewelry you would like. For me, I chose earrings, although you have the chance to select earrings, necklace, or a bracelet.

Once you get your candle, you just burn it like a regular candle. Once it burns down a bit, your prize is revealed! Then you go onto their website Jackpot Candles and find out the value of your jewelry. Simple as that and lots of fun!

Not only was it exciting to reveal my jewelry, one the best parts of the candle was the aroma! I chose cinnamon as my candle smell and it really made my living room smell wonderful! One thing I noticed was that the flame in the candle would really go up high and it did make me kind of nervous. I ended up leaving it in the kitchen where I keep a lot less paper.Once I started burning it regularly and it burned down more, it was just fine.

When I did reveal the prize, I couldn't wait to figure out what it was worth! It was worth about $23.00. And honestly this is about what I spend on jewelry anyways. The earrings I received weren't really my style, so I decided to give to a friend who has a little girl who would love it.

Overall, Jackpot Candle is a fun experience. You get a prize INSIDE of a candle. How cool is that? It's worth a try, no matter what kind of jewelry you receive, and best of all, you get a fabulous smelling candle in the process.

To purchase your own candle, visit Jackpot Candle's website. Make sure you also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.   

Best of all, I get to giveaway a candle to one of my lucky readers! Enter via Rafflecopter below. The giveaway ends 4/24.

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I received this candle in exchange for my honest review.

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