Quick Gluten-Free Breakfast Idea: Glutenfreeda - A Little Bit of Oatmeal (And Granola) to Start Your Day!

I want to say first that I've heard from a lot of people that some people with celiac can't eat oats. I don't have Celiac, I'm gluten intolerant and so far I don't experience problems with eating oats, as long as the oats are certified gluten-free. So do keep that in mind and do some research on your own before deciding whether it's good for your diet or health!

But I had the chance to try Glutenfreeda Gluten Free Oatmeal along with the Granola and I'm SO impressed. First of all, I'm usually not a huge fan of instant oatmeal because I find there is so much bad stuff in the ingredients list. But when I looked over the ingredients for the Glutenfreeda Oatmeal, I didn't see anything that I didn't trust putting into my body.

I'm the only oatmeal fan in my family so I was very happy to try all of these flavors! To give you an example of the ingredients you can expect in their oatmeal, here's the ingredients in the Apple Cinnamon with Flax: Certified Gluten-Free Oats, Dried Apples, Brown Sugar, Ground Flax, Cinnamon, and Sea Salt.

That's it! I loved it! They have a wide selection of flavors in the variety pack including Apple Cinnamon, Banana Maple, and Maple Raisin. Of the three flavors, I loved the Apple Cinnamon the best (not a huge banana fan). I found with all three oatmeal packs there definitely wasn't a whole lot of sugar in it. That wasn't a probably to me, and in fact, all I added on my own was extra cinnamon. I felt SO healthy eating this!

So far, this is my favorite gluten-free oatmeal, and I plan on buying this again.

Lastly, the gluten-free granola! My whole family loved this and with huge massive disappointment, I can report that I'm not seeing this in stores near me. So I may have to purchase it online some time in the future!

But their gluten-free granola was so good. I added a little bit to my oatmeal and good-NESS this made such a hearty breakfast. They come in little packets and these packets can easily be split amongst three people because I really don't think you need all that much to add into yogurt or oatmeal to make it a hearty meal.

Overall, I'm really loving these products by GlutenFreeda. I highly recommend you seek them out in stores. They have such quality food!

Find out where you can find their products in a store near you by following this link. They carry so much more than just granola and oatmeal so check out their online store to see what else you can purchase from them.

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I received these products in exchange for my honest review.

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