Gluten Free Lunch Idea: Evol's Tasty Gluten-Free Meals [Review]

I only recently, within the last couple of years or so, discovered Evol food products. And thanks to my mom, I discovered within the last couple of weeks that evol spells "LOVE" backwards. How about that? So I really couldn't wait to try out Evol and share my opinion with you guys about the whole experience!
First of all, you must check out their mission statement. Something there spoke to me, because they said, "When did frozen food stop having food as an ingredient?" Half the reason I have become against frozen foods (aside from the fact that I've gone gluten free and many frozen foods have gluten in them) is that the ingredients in these meals don't even look tasty, appealing or like edible food products.

You can see by their food philosophy that they also have an unacceptable ingredients list and it's for this reason I really love their products. Check out what you WON'T be finding in your Evol foods.

Not all of their products are gluten-free, so for those of you not needing to worry about that, you definitely have your options to choose from them.

I had the chance to try out their Gluten-Free Beef Burrito, Gluten Free Chicken Quesadillas (with Guacamole!!) and Fire Grilled Steak.

First of all, I loved - LOVED - the chicken quesadillas. They were phenomenal and plus you get the best thing of all - GUACAMOLE! I love it. I was so excited to take this with me to work. It cooks up funky when you JUST microwave it, though. I noticed they do suggest that you heat it partially in the microwave and the rest on a pan but since I didn't have that option, I just cooked it longer in the microwave. It got a little crunchy around the edges but I certainly didn't mind. Also be careful if you use a paper towel to wrap your quesadilla while cooking it, because it might stick to the sides! So I would just cover it very it loosely.

Next was the gluten-free beef burrito. Also very yummy and VERY hearty. I usually am not a huge fan of beef, but this tasted good. I love a little hot sauce or salsa with burritos I have for lunch and it made it that much better. It isn't SUPER filling. Since I eat light during the day, I would recommend this for a lunch you take with you.

Actually my brother tried out the Fire Grilled Steak, since this wasn't a gluten-free item. This was also very good, he said! He also said it was hearty (and I can tell you it smelled good!).

Overall, you can tell I'm a huge fan of these food products. I am sure you will find Evol foods in stores and they have a lot to choose from. It's nice to see so many tasty options for gluten free people.

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I received free products in exchange for my honest review.

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