NewAir AH-450B Space Heater Review

I had the chance to review the NewAir Electric Space Heater AH-450B. This is an incredible little heater that I have in my living room. Although do note, my living room is fairly small. So far, I would recommend this for small bedrooms and not large spaces as I don't think it would heat large rooms well.

First, it's extremely easy to set up. When you receive this item, you really just have to place the wheels on the bottom (very easy to install) and plug it in. The wheels are good to keep the heater off the carpet or flooring and so it has enough room (and won't overheat).

I usually leave the heater on at 75 degrees and leave it at the "ECO" option (instead of
the HIGH or LOW setting). Also, the great thing is that you can also have the timer set for 2 hours up to 8 hours (so it can go off on it's own). This is really convenient because sometimes I can forget to turn off the heater and if you have a busy day ahead of you, having the ability for the heater to turn off on it's own makes that a nice safety feature. Also, it comes with a little remote for you to be able to mess with the heat setting a lot easier (who wants to get out of bed to have to turn on or off their heater?).

Also, the heater does get pretty hot around the metal parts of the heater. It does have a handle though, so if you need to move it from one place to the other, you simply pull or push on the handle. Plus, if something is getting TOO hot or if there is a concern about maybe something being in the heaters way it has a caution button that will light up for you and if you see that you can turn the heater off.

Lastly it's really easy to keep out of the way, and it has a place to wrap up the cord so it stays out of the way.

What I like the best is that it's really clear and easy to use. Best of all it does it's job to heat the room I'm in which I really was looking for in a space heater. I prefer to use this heater especially because it can heat up a section of the house rather than turning on the furnace or regular house heater. I would highly recommend this for everyone as I've used other space heater and so far this is the best one I've experienced.

I do want to point out just to let you know my perspective - the winter in my area hasn't really been overly cold. It has been down in the 30s in my area, but I know for some of you, that isn't very cold at all. It's been a pretty mild winter in my area for the most part. If you struggle with temperatures that are extremely low, just keep that in mind when you get this heater. That's why I recommend it for smaller rooms.

You can purchase this heater by visiting their website at and like them on Facebook.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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