Gluten-Free Treats: Alternative Baking Company - The Best Gluten Free Cookies You Need to Try [My Review]

I may not embrace my inner cookie monster too often, but it's definitely inside of me. Since going gluten free, I haven't really had the chance to explore my options for gluten-free treats, but there are some tasty options out there.

The one I had the chance to try most recently were cookies from Alternative Baking Company. They offer up vegan (non-gluten free cookies, but they also offer gluten-free options for those of us with an allergy or intolerance to wheat or gluten! Their company makes vegan cookies and they make them in a way that they taste like traditional cookies. Don't you love that? It's a healthier option that is much better for you than most processed foods. Make sure you read more about their company on their website.

I had the chance to try a variety of flavors from the Alternative Baking Company and I loved ALL of them. Let me just say after you finish each cookie it's like they leave good memories in your mouth. My family and I tried out five different flavors - Lemon Dream, Fudge Indulgence, Chocolate Explosion, Cinnamon Burst, and Pumpkin Delight. Every single one of these flavors were amazing. The texture of the cookies were nice and chewy and the flavor just exploded in your mouth. Of the ones I tried, I loved fudge indulgence.

Overall, these are absolutely amazing cookies and if you need to buy some for any reason at all - whether it's a gift for someone or you just want something amazing to try at home - make sure you check these cookies out. They are phenomenal!

When you purchase on their website, they do require that you purchase at least three sets of cookies (there are 5 in each pack). But trust me it's worth it. Each pack costs $13.75 too.

Make sure you visit their website to order your batch of cookies. Also you can like them on Facebook (which I highly recommend because they hold regular giveaways!). Plus if you aren't gluten-free, make sure you check out their website to find out more of their amazing variety.

I received free products in exchange for my honest review.

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