Pereg Gourmet Review and Giveaway [Ends 1/25]

I am always on the hunt for healthy food items - particularly healthy food items that are gluten free, taste good, and aren't strange. A very difficult task I have to say!

I had the chance to try out some of their gluten-free noodles and their dried beans and I was pleasantly surprised! First of all they truly have a wide variety of options for both gluten-free and non gluten-free people, which I really appreciated. Pereg Gourmet was established in 1906 and is a family business passed down from generation to generation. You know how I love businesses that stay close like that, so I loved reading this!

For their gluten free noodles, I tried their quinoa spaghetti and curvo rigate. I also had the chance to try their black beans and chili beans.

I definitely enjoyed myself when I had the gluten free noodles. I would really suggest something creamy when you make it, because I had mine as Alfredo pasta dish and it was really good. I would say the taste of the quinoa noodles was hearty, a little nutty tasting and thick texture. I don't think I would have liked the curvo rigate with regular pasta sauce. With the quinoa spaghetti noodles I DID try them with pasta sauce but I added a lot of spices and included some ground meat so the flavor was really packed in there. I did enjoy them, too. I thought the texture was different than what I am used to but I really loved the flavor.

For the black beans and chili beans, I did enjoy those and I made them in the best time of year (when it's REALLY COLD there is nothing like chili or black beans and rice). I did their recipe for the black beans and it's more involved than what I would usually do for black beans. I'm thinking though you can modify the recipe any which way you want to. What I loved about the beans that I received they were quality. I especially enjoyed the chili beans, mostly because I had gotten the hang of how to make them!

Overall I highly HIGHLY recommend checking out Pereg Gourmet and purchasing their food. They have such great selections - you won't be disappointed! Plus their prices are really good and you can get amazing deals on spices (which can be EXTREMELY expensive in grocery stores). Make sure you visit their website and see what you can find to try!

You can visit Pereg Gourmet's website,  follow them on Facebook, and follow them on Pinterest. Also be sure to check out their recipes to get some tasty ideas!

I am also so excited to announce that I am giving away the curvo rigate quinoa noodles and chili beans! Giveaway ends on 1/25. Enter via Rafflecopter below.

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I received complimentary items in exchange for my honest review.

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