Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates - Review - Buy One Get One Free Deal Inside!

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates, a chocolate company started 1972 by Mrs. Cavanaugh herself.  I love the history by how this company started. Make sure you visit their website and read more about their history.

I tried these chocolates over the Thanksgiving break. It was the perfect chocolates to share with my family and serve as a evening treat following all the goodies we already enjoyed that day. We sampled the four different chocolate bars and the box of chocolates that I received.

Let me say...Oh. My. Gosh. This was incredible chocolate. Now, I heard some other people who reviewed this chocolate say this was too sweet. For me, I don't think I've ever said anything was too sweet, so take that into consideration.

I tried the Caramel Candy Bar, White Chocolate Almond Coconut Candy Bar, Mindy Mint Candy Bar, and the Dark Chocolate Almond Candy Bar. Of the four, I personally enjoyed the Caramel Candy Bar. This had amazing gooey chewy-ness to it and I am personally a massive fan of caramel with chocolate anyways. But you know what, all four chocolate bars were good. They were all very soft and tasty. I even enjoyed the white chocolate, which is amazing because I usually don't care for the stuff. Overall, this would be an AMAZING treat as a stocking stuffer.

Also we received assorted box of milk chocolates to review. Also AMAZING. Every bit of chocolate was so good and you get a great variety to choose from. This was such good chocolate to share and it's SO rich. This is worth buying. This would make a great gift to give or just a special treat to bring to a dinner or something to enjoy with family.

I know your instinct MIGHT be to just venture off to See's Candies or Godiva or something BUT aside from getting amazing chocolate made by Mrs. Cavanaugh, you also can get ONE BOX FREE if you buy a box. So this beat's out any in store deal you may see, I think.

Use the code USFAMILY2014 when you purchase your box to get one free. This is definitely a must have!

Visit Mrs. Cavanaugh's website here to purchase one pound of chocolate and receive one pound of chocolate FREE with your order!

I received complimentary chocolate in exchange for my honest review.

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