Conte's Gluten Free Pasta [Review and Giveaway] [Ends 11/30]

Since going gluten-free a year ago, I've had the irritating journey to figuring out the best tasting gluten-free brands and which ones were just tasteless. I had the chance to try out Conte's Pasta foods and this review will talk all about my experience with them!

Conte's Pasta started in the 1970's by Angela Conte who carried her love of Italian food with her to America. 1975, Conte's Pasta started with Angela making pasta for her neighbors. The restaurant three years later. Of course, it was successful right away! Soon customer's wanted to bring the good pasta feeling home and the company was born. Conte's Pasta has never been afraid of change as they bring in more products, such as pasta geared towards children, and soon (best of all for me!) geared towards people with food allergies.

I tried a variety of gluten free items made by Conte's Pasta, such as pizza, lasagna, stuffed shells, ravioli, and more! Both my mom and I are gluten-free too so it's hard to find a brand that we know we enjoy. I tried the stuffed shells and my mom tried the lasagna. For the lasagna, my mom thought it was great. There was plenty of sauce too which is a huge thing for us (we always have to buy extra sauce when we buy frozen lasagna!). I also thoroughly enjoyed the stuffed pasta shells. It tasted homemade!  

The ravioli was great too and made for such a good dinner. We love pasta at home so we were so happy to try it. Funny thing about ravioli too is that when you cook gluten free ravioli it almost ALWAYS falls apart when you strain it. This didn't! It didn't become a gooey mess once I drained the ravioli. Add sauce and you are good to go. This was amazing!

And I'm ALMOST ashamed to admit this, but my family and I also received pizza crusts and I had ideas about maybe making a pizza right? Well...we couldn't resist and we put the crusts in the oven and just added butter, salt, and paramsean. Oh MY this was good pizza crust. Yes, it was good plain. I plan on buying this again to make actual pizza.

The only downside is that my nearest grocery store didn't have too many Conte's Pasta selections. Right now they're only carrying the ravioli (which is fine with me! But I'd love to indulge on that amazing pizza (and pizza crust) on occasion).

Make sure you check out their amazing gluten free selection and even order online! Find out where you can buy Conte's Pasta nearest to you in your city as well!

I received complimentary items in exchange for my honest review.

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