Send Me Gluten Free Subscription Box [Review & Giveaway] [Ends 11/7]

I am gluten sensitive and I have found that it is very very hard to find good gluten-free products (that taste good anyway). So I was really excited to try Send Me Gluten Free, a monthly subscription box that sends you gluten free snacks (and coupons!) to try.

The Send Me Gluten Free subscription box may be new, but they are not new to the idea of living gluten free! Some of the staff of Send Me Gluten Free as well as many of their families live gluten free and they know all about that lifestyle. Plus since 2007 they've been part of Gluten and Allergen Expos and launched a gluten-free restaurant finder app called Find Me Gluten Free. They recently launched the subscription box service to reach people like you and me that maybe don't think of going to gluten free expos and want the comfort of trying snacks and other goodies from home.

How it works is that Send Me Gluten Free will ship you a snack box filled with 8 to 12 gluten free products (not just snacks!) from full size to sample size and even coupons.

Here's a glimpse of what I received in my subscription box - .

Mediterranean Snacks Sea Salt Lentil Chips
YogaVive Chocolate Apple Chips
I Heart Keenwah Sample Size Chocolate
NoGil Nuts About Berries Sample Size Paleo Bar
A Coupon for One Free GF Product from Conte's Pasta
Nature's Path Dark Chocolate Chip Organic Granola Bar
Kemnitz Family Kitchen Sample Pack of Gluten Free Labels Variety Pack
Sample Size Primal Pit Paste in Lavender
Bonne Maman Sample Size Strawberry Preserves
Country Life Sample Pack CoEnzyme B-Complex Caps
Redd Remedies Pain T4 Sample Pack

You can see how much variety there is in this box! So far of the snacks I received, I really enjoyed the lentil chips and the chocolate sample, paleo bar, and granola bar. I really thought that the Apple Chips were strange (not bad, but very odd!). To be honest, I didn't try the B-Complex and Pain Remedy that was included because I'm not a huge fan of taking vitamins or medicine from unfamiliar brands.  Also the strawberry preserves were so excellent! I have tried this jelly before and I am saving this for a rainy day when I need a pick me up!

In regards to the non-food items, the pit paste was okay! I didn't think it smelled really strongly in my opinion and it definitely did it's job. Probably the only downside is that I'm not a huge huge fan of using my fingers to put on deodorant, so I'd definitely look to see if I can buy a type that I can roll on or something.

Overall, I would definitely sign up for this subscription box. You get so much of a variety within the box. This introduces me to gluten free products I probably wouldn't think to try before. Probably the only noticeable downside to this is the pricing. It's about $30/month for a subscription. That's a bit high for me, to be honest. Although they do have other tiers where you pay $78 for 3 months, $144 for 6 months and $240 for 12 months which is when the savings start to come in.

BUT if you would like to subscribe to Send Me Gluten Free, I can offer you a 20% discount code for your subscription (at any length!). So use the code BLOG20 to get 20% off. Subscribe to Send Me Gluten Free by clicking this link. 

Make sure you also follow Send Me Gluten Free on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Best of all though, I get to giveaway a free subscription box to one of my lucky readers! Simply enter via Rafflecopter below. Also, you will be receiving your first box in December, so make sure to keep that in mind. Giveaway ends 11/7.

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I received a complimentary subscription box in exchange for my honest review.

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