Pilot Pens - Best Tools for Hand Writers Everywhere! #shopletreviews.

Since I hand write my stories, I'm always in hunt over the right pens. Which ones last the longest? Do I want the clicker pen or the ones with the cap? Should I stick with black or do I want colors? I'm usually pretty basic in my approach, but since I had the chance to try out the wide variety of pens sent to me by Pilot, I thought I would take each type into consideration!

• Frixion Clicker - Erasable Pen

I'm in love with this erasable pen. I could never write in pencil when I'm drafting a story, but there's something cringe worthy about having to scratch out a mistake when I'm writing. To be able to go back and erase something means so much when you are a writer! This also works really well too, and you don't experience a lot of faded pen markings that usually happens with erasable pen. Not to mention the quality is still great too (not choppy, nearly broken pen marks either)!

• Frixion Highlighter Erasable

The same goes for erasing...HIGHLIGHTED marks. I remember having to highlight textbooks in college and I would get so mad when I highlighted the wrong thing! It's like all the logic I put into what I was highlighted is wrong. Now the problem disappears. This is definitely a thing. Now I can highlight to my hearts content! This also is a great quality highlighter and most of the colors fade away after you start erasing.

• B2P Colors Multi Pens

I love gel pens. I don't use them with first drafts but I do use them when writing down notes or ideas. These work great and I especially love the purple, blue, and pink.

• B2P GelB2P Ball Pen, and Acroball Fine Pt

These last three pens are my personal favorite when writing down story drafts. I love they are all three clicker pens and they make for such smooth writing. If you are hand writer like me, you will want to purchase these. They are also a very good price too. I can write for a lengthy period of time without my hand cramping and also without the pen running out of steam. These are a must have in your writer supply closet!

I highly recommend you check out these pens as well as other Shoplet office supplies because they really have great quality stuff!

I received complimentary pens in exchange for my honest review.

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