Partida Tequila - Rich, Tasty Tequila [Review]

I'm a huge fan of Tequila, particularly margaritas, and so I jumped at the chance to try out this particular brand of tequila.

This brand of tequila called, "Tequila Partida" is made from 100% blue agave, which is far less common than you might realize. The flavor profile of this tequila is almost that of fine wine and speaks to the origins of Mexico's historic Tequila region. Because of the way Partida grows the agave plants, the flavor in the tequila is fuller, riper, and richer.

I don't drink tequila straight, so I mixed in just a little bit of lime juice and triple sec in a glass mixed in with the sample sized amount of tequila I received. This made for such a tasty experience! One thing that makes this tequila stand out more than other tequilas I've tried before is the excellent taste. Most of the tequilas I've tasted before just taste too strong, but this had a rich flavor to it.

The only downside that I can see right now is that to buy this bottle in the store I'd have to travel a bit further than I usually would want to for tequila. The question is - can you buy it online? I did a little bit of digging and found out that on the site that you can purchase a bottle for about $45 - $46. I highly recommend seeing if they sell this in your area though and if they do, this is worth the trip to the liquor store to try out. Holidays are around the corner so if you will want some tasty tequila (and don't want to just buy Jose Cuervo) buy this bottle. I'm not a "fancy" tequila kind of girl and usually wouldn't know what kind of tequila to buy to impress people. But this tequila will impress your guests and this would even be a great gift to buy.

Visit Partida Tequila's website to find out where you can purchase your bottle.

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I received sample bottles of Partida Tequila in exchange for my honest review.

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