Mrs. Renfro's Salsa - Review and Giveaway [Ends 9/22]

For me, the fall and winter season is the best time of year to have some of my favorite foods. I can actually use the oven without dreading the heat building up in my home! Nowadays, one of my favorite foods is fish tacos and what better way to enjoy a fish taco than with a new salsa I got to try called, Mrs. Renfro's.

Started in 1940, George Renfro launched the George Renfro Food Company with his wife Arthurine in the garage of their Texas home. Starting out selling spices and pepper sauces, over time, the business grew and has an impressive history showing not only the smart business savvy of George Renfro and his wife Arthurine, but their ability to make quality products and change with where their success takes them. I can't wait to see what they can come up next!

Visit their website to read more about their story! Today, the business is still family run. Sons Jack and Bill and grandchildren Doug, Becky, and James who are active with daily operations, continue to grow the family business.

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out four of their products - Mrs. Renfro's Jalapeno Peppers, Hot Tomato Relish, Hot Salsa, and Mexican Hot Sauce.

I have to say that I have taste buds made of iron or something, because I loved the jalapeno peppers! They weren't too spicy so I could really top off my cheese enchilada but they were spicy enough so I could taste it! It complimented well with the salsa too.

What I liked best about the salsa was that it wasn't watery at all. It also didn't have weird spices that stood out to me (I'm not a huge cilantro fan, and the fact that I didn't taste it, made me very happy).

I also tried the mexican hot sauce with my fish taco on another night and this was very spicy, but obviously well made. I wasn't a huge fan of the tomato relish, but then I'm not a big fan of relish in general. My mom did try out though and she did enjoy it! So this may be a new twist on your barbequed hot dogs.

Overall, I highly recommend you look for Mrs. Renfro's sauces, salsas, and relish in the grocery store. This is amazing stuff and you can taste the quality. Best of all, I've gone gluten-free so paying attention to ingredients is very important to me. This is gluten-free and made with only natural ingredients. Plus, another huge benefit is that these salsas and sauces aren't too expensive, they usually are at around $3.59 a jar.

Best of all one of my lucky readers will win some of their own Mrs. Renfro's Salsa to try! You get to choose four of your own products. Enter via Rafflecopter below. The contest ends on 9/22.

If you simply can't wait for the contest to be over to enjoy your own salsa, visit Mrs. Renfro's website here. If you need some recipe ideas, you can also visit their website (they have a recipe on there right now for Mexican fudge! You must take a look!) Also, visit their YouTube page that includes great recipe videos!

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary jars of salsa in exchange for my honest review. 

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