Mealtime Magic - Delicious Dinners in Half the Time [Cookbook Review]

I've never reviewed a cookbook before and this was a perfect one to start me off! Lately, I've really been having to scrimp, save, and budget for mealtime. I couldn't wait to figure out how to save money (and time) in the kitchen, especially when food prices are rising all the time.

Amy Houts, author of Mealtime Magic, has over 43 years experience cooking for her family and one year under her belt at the Culinary Institute of America. Her meals have been requested over and over again at home! Her money-saving dishes are born from her practical experience and her education, which means she is the right person to tell us how to cook tasty meals without having to spend an arm and a leg.

I couldn't wait to try out this cookbook and one of the first things I did was flip to the fish recipes page! The main reason for this is because I love the IDEA of making fish on my own. Although for some reason when I actually go and buy it, I just feel...stumped when I realize I have to do it myself. You mean it doesn't come battered and fried for you already??? So I was excited to read through this page.

Let me tell you that Amy Houts knows her stuff. She listed out recipes that appeal directly to people like me - they are easy to follow and very tasty and this does save you money. One of the first recipes I was excited to try was Fish Tacos! This is a fan favorite in my family when we just use the boxed fish that you just throw into the oven. So I couldn't wait to try it out.

Overall, I thought this recipe tasted fantastic and my family thought the same way! For the next batch, I may need to buy a bit more fish to make up for the appetites we all have, but overall I was very pleased.

Reading over the recipes and taking her suggestions on how to split up meals to go across more than one meal, taught me to shop better and smarter and meal plan more! I am more of a spontaneous shopper and this cookbook and meal planning guide has inspired me to do better than that.

If you want to plan tasty meals that also save you money, you must buy Mealtime Magic by Amy Houts. Visit her website and discover recipes that you can try right now for your family! Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Better yet, I am happy to giveaway a copy of this cookbook to one of my lucky readers! Simply enter via Rafflecopter below. Contest ends 10/12.

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I was provided with a free copy of the cookbook in exchange for my honest review.

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